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Why Is It Important to Have a Regular Fitness Schedule?

At Train With Danny, our skilled Los Angeles personal trainer is more than a fitness expert who is certified through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM).

Like many people, he is a dedicated husband, proud dad, and a full-time diabetic.

That means fitness means more to Danny than just getting in shape. It means survival.

There are many reasons why we should all have a regular fitness schedule, and none of them have to do with looking great at the beach. (Okay, one of them does.)

But, for the most part, your fitness journey should be about being the best version of yourself, so you are ready for what comes next in life.

So, why not kick it off with a smile?

A Regular Fitness Schedule Can…

Make You Feel Happier

Exercise is a natural way to decrease stress, depression, and anxiety, all while improving your mood.

Increase the Quality of Your Bones and Muscles

Exercise plays a critical role in not just building muscles, but maintaining strong muscles that support bone health.

Increase Your Energy Levels

Nothing provides an energy boost like a great workout, no matter what level of fitness you are enjoying. A quick-paced walk for one person can boost energy levels just as well as a high intensity training session for another.

Reduce Your Risk of Chronic Disease

Offset your risk of chronic disease, like stroke or Type 2 Diabetes, with a consistent workout schedule.

Improve Skin Health

Your skin can be affected by the amount of oxidative stress in your body, which can lead to breakouts, chronic acne, and even premature signs of aging.

Exercise can rebuild your antioxidant defenses and help repair the damage free radicals cause to your skin cells to freshen up your appearance and your self-esteem.

Boost Your Brain Health and Memory

Exercise can improve brain function while protecting memory and thinking skills by increasing the heart rate, which promotes the flow of oxygen and blood to the brain.

It can also stimulate the production of hormones that can enhance the growth of brain cells, so you are gaining more than you are losing.

Improve Relaxation and Sleep Quality

Regular exercise can help you relax and sleep better by expending the right type of energy, so you can get the type of rest that restores your positivity from a cellular level.

Help with Weight Loss

Inactivity is a major factor in weight gain and obesity, which can be countered with exercise that helps build muscle and helps with weight loss, when that is your goal.

Curate your Workout Routine on Your Schedule or On Demand

Whether you like to plan your fitness schedule or jump into an impromptu class, our Los Angeles County personal trainer brings over a decade of experience directly to you with live classes and on-demand workouts that fit your health and wellness needs.

If you are seeking a more focused approach to achieve overall wellness solutions, contact us today to learn more about the transformative benefits of partnering with a Fitness Trainer Los Angeles.