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Why is it Important to Complete a Variety of Exercises When Working Out?

At Train With Danny, our Los Angeles personal trainer believes that whatever gets your body and mind moving towards a wellness routine is a great start to better health.

If you like to walk, walk. If you like to kickbox, kickbox. If you prefer weights, lift away.

But there are five really great reasons to add variety to your workout routine, and we think they will help you potentially mix walking with kickboxing and weights while staying safe and engaged.

Here is why.

Reason One: Physical Stimulation Allows Our Bodies to Adapt to Different Demands

When you add variety to your workout routine, you allow your body to adapt to imposed demands.

For instance, if you only lift weights, you are going to become strong. If you only run long distances at a slow pace, your body will respond with increased stamina. However, just doing one is not going to make you automatically better at the other.

However, if you add high-intensity training with weights, or yoga with aerobics, your body will respond to the challenge by becoming physically stimulated, so you do not plateau.

A plateau occurs when the body has become accustomed to doing the same repeated exercises.

Placing new demands on the body will increase the intensity and promote new muscle growth that will allow you to be physically fit from top to bottom, so you can do anything you put your mind to.

Reason Two: Variety Helps Us Stay Engaged in Physical Fitness

Workout variety is important for both your physical and mental health because it helps keep you from becoming bored with your existing routine.

Research shows that adding variety to an exercise program helps us adhere to it because we enjoy our workouts more, so we are more inclined to stick with it when mixing it up.

Reason Three: Different Activities Burn Fat & Build Muscle in Different Areas of the Body

We will be the first to say that weight loss is not everything. Many people – some of our clients included – workout with us to become stronger, not thinner.

The truth is, the human body is a very efficient machine, so if you are doing the same exercises every day, it will adapt and begin burning fewer calories, even if you are doing the same amount of exercise.

Instead, challenge your body to work harder in a different way to get rid of the extra pounds you have been working so hard to shake, or to build muscles in certain areas.

Reason Four: Variety Helps Prevent Overuse Injuries

Repetitive strain injuries occur when someone does the same action every day, which could include running, swimming, or hitting a ball, to name a few. When you mix up your workout, it gives the often-overused muscles a break and allows joints and ligaments to rest and recover.

If you have been injured – or if your knees simply hurt from running every day – performing a different activity that keeps your legs out of the equation will help reduce further risk of injury.

Reason Five: Physical Challenges Lead to Mental Stimulation

Working out is designed to help boost your overall health and well-being, which definitely includes your mind. Pushing yourself to new fitness levels using different activities will keep your brain engaged and responding with endorphins that decrease stress while combatting illnesses and disease.

Are You Ready to Mix Up Your Workout Routine to Include an Exciting Variety?

Our Los Angeles County personal trainer offers both live classes you can plan around and look forward to, and on-demand workouts that allow you to be in charge of when, where, and how long you work out.

If you are seeking a more focused approach to achieve overall wellness solutions, contact us today to learn more about the transformative benefits of partnering with a personal trainer in Los Angeles