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What To Know About Adding Athletic Greens to Your Diet & Workout

At Train With Danny, our personal trainer in Los Angeles knows that most of us are always looking for a safe and legitimate edge in our diets and workouts.

Sometimes, it seems no matter how well you eat, or how disciplined your workouts may be, something is lacking. That is where supplements can play a role in providing the extra oomph you may be missing.

Keep in mind, supplement intake is unique to everyone, and should be used based on your existing health, but not before talking to your doctor about how the supplements may interact with any current medications or other supplements you might be taking.

With that said, today we are talking about Athletic Greens.

What are Athletic Greens?

Athletic Greens, according to the company, is a powder mix that contains 75 ingredients, including multivitamins, minerals, probiotics, and more in its recommended use: One scoop or travel packet in eight ounces of water daily.

The company claims Athletic Greens is for everyone and is compatible with vegan, paleo, and keto diets. It is also nut, egg, gluten and dairy-free, and has no added sugar.

Athletic Greens is produced in New Zealand, and is designed to promote health, support immunity, boost energy, and help recovery, as it is NSF Certified for Sport.

What is in the Box?

Established in 2010, Athletic Greens aims to bring comprehensive and convenient daily nutrition to almost everybody through a powder that contains 75 vitamins, minerals, whole foods, superfoods, probiotics, and adaptogens in one serving.

The Pouch

  • The product is available as a one-time purchase of a pouch, which includes 30 servings for $99.
  • It can also be delivered monthly, in a subscription service*, which includes 30 servings for $79, or a double subscription of 60 servings for $149.

Travel Packs

  • The product is also available as a one-time purchase of 30 travel packs for $109.
  • It can also be delivered monthly, in a subscription service* of 30 travel packs for $89, or a double subscription of 60 travel packs for $199.

*The Pouch and Travel Pack subscription packages can be paused or canceled at any time, and based on the choice, may include a free shaker (or two!), premium jar, and bonus travel packs.

How Do You Consume Athletic Greens?

Mix one scoop or travel pack of the Athletic Greens Ingredients mixture into eight ounces of water first thing in the morning on an empty stomach.

The mix may also be used with juice, milk, or a smoothie, but is not recommended for use with hot or highly acidic liquids, as this could affect the integrity and efficacy of some of the ingredients.

Once the package is opened, it must be refrigerated and used within 90 days.

What are the Pros & Cons of Consuming Athletic Greens?

The scoop or single-serving packet is easy to use, and its NSF Certified for Sport third-party certification ensures the product is true to its label, and does not contain unsafe levels of contaminants, prohibited substances, or masking agents.

For some, the powdery makeup of the product may make it hard to mix with water or other drinks, as the consistency can be hard to ingest for certain people.While the 75 vitamins, minerals, whole foods, superfoods, probiotics, and adaptogens in one serving are the driving factors, there is little evidence of how the blend provides benefits when working together.

We cannot attest to how the mixture will taste for each person, or work for different body chemistries, but we can help you remain active while you try AG1, to see how it works for you.

When you are ready to safely and effectively customize your workouts, contact Train With Danny to learn more about the transformative benefits of partnering with a personal trainer in Los Angeles County, or sign up for our fitness plan on the app for just $1 for the first 30 days

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