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What is the Difference Between Dieting and Lifestyle Changes?

At Train With Danny, we are dedicated to guiding our clients — whether in person, online in live classes, on our app, or on-demand — through the transformative benefits of partnering with a Los Angeles personal trainer.

That begins by explaining the differences in dieting and lifestyle changes, so each of our clients can make informed decisions about their wellness journey.

Here is what you need to know about the short-term progression of a diet and the long-term benefits of lifestyle changes.

Why is Dieting a Short-Term Solution to Wellness?

Most people associate wellness with weight loss, and weight loss with dieting.

Unfortunately, neither is true.

Traditional diets often reduce the number of calories a dieter can ingest throughout each day, thereby giving the illusion that the less you eat, the less you weigh. While that may produce the short-term loss of a pound or two, diets are almost impossible to maintain.

The problem is, diets are increasingly restrictive and often deprive the body of certain nutrients that may be detrimental to your health. They are also difficult to follow when you are away from home or have not had the opportunity to prep healthier food and beverage choices, which often leads to abandoning the diet altogether, causing dieters to revert right back to old eating habits when they become frustrated with the results.

Wellness includes many factors including exercise, eating right, managing stress, and setting attainable goals, so you can move forward with the confidence that will allow you to stay on track. Dieting does not have to be a part of that equation, but lifestyle changes do.

Lifestyle Changes Help Us Reach Long-Term Wellness Goals with Staying Power

Lifestyle changes require purpose and determination that provide a positive attitude that helps keep us motivated. They are also different for everyone.

Long-term wellness goals could include gaining muscle, losing weight, running farther, increasing supplement or vitamin intake, drinking more water, sticking to a healthy sleep schedule, committing to a daily meditation regimen, or fostering positive relationships.

Lifestyle changes add up beneficially ease daily stress and increase longevity.

 If you are seeking a more determined approach to achieving overall wellness solutions, contact us today to learn more about partnering with a personal trainer in Los Angeles County.