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Understanding the Benefits of Strength Training

At Train With Danny, our Los Angeles fitness trainer knows the importance of incorporating strength training into your workout routine.

Strength training helps manage your weight while gaining lean muscle, which increases your metabolic rate — the calories your body burns while at rest.

And that is just the start. Here is how strength training can benefit your overall wellness.

Strength Training May Help Improve Your Mood

Exercise of any kind makes the brain feel happy.

Feel-good hormones, including dopamine and serotonin, are released with movement, which can lift your mood, intensify your drive, and make you feel more positive.

Strength Training Can Correct Poor Posture

Weak or tight muscles can often lead to slouching, aches, and pains.

Strength training, by nature, will make you stronger. When you strengthen the right muscles, you can reduce the risk of injury, and stand and sit up straight, which also allows your internal organs to align and function optimally.

Good posture allows you to increase your oxygen intake, and better digest food and beverages, which leads to an overall boost in respiratory and gut health.

Strength Training Can Increase Mobility & Flexibility

Strength training, mobility, and flexibility are inextricably linked.

To maintain proper exercise techniques and properly target muscle groups to build strength, you must maximize your mobility by moving more, and your flexibility by stretching before and after workouts to protect your muscles from damage and help prevent injury.

Strength Training Can Push Your Workouts to the Next Level

If you walk, run, take yoga or other workout classes, pushing yourself out of your comfort zone to progress to the next level can be accomplished with strength training.

Adding weights — even small hand weights — or resistance bands to your exercise routine can help build strength safely. Start slow, as it is important to know your physical limits and listen to your body to reduce the risk of injury.

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