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Safety First: How Personal Training Applies Safe Workout Techniques for All Fitness Levels

At Train With Danny, our Los Angeles fitness trainer understands that an injury can sideline your workout routine immediately. A workout or sporting injury can also keep you from getting your movement routine back on track, as it is perfectly valid to be afraid of aggravating a pre-existing condition.

We also know that exercise may be challenging at times, but it should never hurt you.

Here are a few ways our Los Angeles County personal trainer makes safety a priority for each of our client’s unique fitness needs.

The Difference Between Being Injured and Being Sore

Soreness comes with exercise, especially when you are appropriately pushing yourself to take the next step. However, proper warm-up and cool-down techniques, hydration, and customized supplements and shakes can help mitigate post-workout soreness.

With so many different workout products available, it is important to understand your body’s unique needs while building your pre- and post-workout fueling options. Do some research or talk to your personal trainer about the products they trust most to keep you on track.

Once your session starts, a skilled personal trainer should know exactly which exercises are dangerous for your specific situation.

Depending on your capacity, exercise background, and fitness goals, our National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) certified personal trainer can help reduce the possibility of an injury by properly structuring your exercises.

For instance, if you suffered from a knee injury, we would purposefully reduce exercises that require you to run and use your legs to specifically manage your condition.

With every personal training session, we:

Assess and Evaluate Your Movements

Screenings, assessments, and evaluations are an ongoing practice for the entire training career of each of our clients.

Simply by communicating with you and watching your movements, we can determine orthopedic sensitivities, health concerns, risk stratification, and performance discrepancies to greatly lower the risk of injury.

Explain What Your Movements Tell Us

Our Los Angeles personal trainer is an expert in reading non-verbal behavior.

When measuring and judging training intensity, movement integrity, and recognizing pain reflexes, we can see how your body responds to the training through positions, gestures, and overall body movements.

Whether you know if or not your body will display how you feel during its movements, and we are honed in on what your bones, muscles, ligaments, and joints are saying, and will adjust exercise variations and intensity to ensure our clients are safe throughout their sessions.

Design Appropriate Exercises and Variations for Each Client’s Unique Needs

Personal training sessions do not have to be extravagant or difficult. They must be designed to appropriately reflect the movement capacity and capabilities of each unique client.

That means modifying certain movements based on each of our client’s needs is pivotal to their overall health and success.

We will guide you on how to use equipment, including bands and weights, and the proper positions and posture to properly execute each exercise movement, which will greatly reduce the chances of injury while increasing the effectiveness of your overall fitness routine.

Start a Personal Training Routine on Your Schedule

No matter where you live, you can reap the benefits of personal training from your home, office, or anywhere that you are comfortable through both our live classes and on-demand workouts that allow you to be in charge of when, where, and how long you work out.

If you are seeking a more focused approach to achieve overall wellness solutions in person, contact us today to learn more about the transformative benefits of partnering with a personal trainer in Los Angeles.