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Remaining Active During Holiday Travel

At Train With Danny, one thing our Los Angeles personal trainer knows is that travel of any kind, including work, vacations, and yes — the holidays — is the perfect excuse to abandon your workout routine.

After last year’s never-ending challenges, and quarantined holidays, this season has brought a brighter shade of joy to most, even allowing holiday travel to resurface, so friends and families can get together and celebrate.

While we all need a little love and celebratory get togethers, they often come with the side effects of eating and drinking too much, skipping workouts, altered sleeping habits, and simply not enough time to reset before it is onto the next thing.

Here are a few tips to keep yourself motivated to remain active during holiday travel.

Tip One: Do Not Beat Yourself Up About the Change of Pace

So, you can’t go to the gym. Or you are visiting a colder climate, where it may not be safe to run on ice or snow. Maybe you are feeling trapped inside a spare bedroom, and just cannot bring yourself to do another push up or squat.

Whatever the reason you cannot engage in your normal workout routine, do not beat yourself up about it. It will only make you feel worse.

Instead, concentrate on keeping your emotional and mental health in check by taking time to meditate, stretch, work a puzzle, or read the book you have been watching collect dust on your coffee table all year. Remaining active does not always have to be physical but can be just as effective when your brain is working calmy.

Tip Two: Find an Alternative Physical Activity

Okay, okay. You are two days into your holiday travel and feel like you are climbing the walls because you haven’t gone for a run since the day before you got in the car, on a train, or went to the airport.

It is time to find an alternative physical activity that will get your blood flowing.

Start by looking around your hotel, relative or friend’s home for easy to reach activities. Consider taking a walk around the city or throwing a football in the backyard. Is everyone going shopping? Tag along and take a power walking trip around the mall. Is there water nearby? Consider kayaking, paddleboarding, or going for a swim. Are there hills? Ask who is up for a hike.

Remaining active does not require a triathlon to be effective. It is simply any activity that gets the blood flowing and the body in motion.

Tip Three: Curate Your Exercise Routine from Anywhere with Train With Danny

Whether you are at home or on the road, Train with Danny offers a wide range of live classes you can plan your workouts around, along with on-demand workouts that allow you to take charge of when and where you work out, so you can maintain control of your environment and your mental health.

If you are seeking a more determined approach to achieving overall wellness solutions, contact us today to learn more about the transformative benefits of partnering with a personal trainer in Los Angeles County or how you can purchase a block of personal training sessions for yourself, a friend, or family member to give a gift that produces real results they can see and feel.