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Moving Exercise Routines Forward by Overcoming Fitness Plateaus

At Train With Danny, our Los Angeles personal trainer has had lots of experience with fitness plateaus, both personally and with our clients.

The reality is, the longer you have been working out, the more common fitness roadblocks become.

Do not beat yourself up about it. Instead, focus on a fitness tune up!

Here is how.

Tune Up Your Fitness Routine, But Avoid Overtraining

A fitness tune-up does not always require more exercise.

Exercising to the point of overtraining can lead to trouble sleeping, changes in appetite, undesired weight loss, irritability, early onset of fatigue during exercise, and injuries or illness.

Tuning up your fitness routine does not require extending your workouts until you cannot stand, you can simply enhance your performance by exercising hard enough to challenge the system or muscle groups being targeted.

Overtraining can lead to exactly that: A decrease in performance despite consistent exercise training.

Focus on FITT: Frequency – Intensity – Time – and Type.

Instead of pushing your workout routine to the point of overtraining, optimize your individual potential by manipulating training variables using the FITT Principle.

Altering just one of the FITT components, whether you choose to change the frequency, intensity, time, or type of exercise can help you push through a fitness plateau.

If you choose to change the frequency of the number of days you perform a specific exercise, you can break through the monotony of a fixed schedule. For instance, if you run three days a week, and lift weights two days, swap the exercises, or add an extra day with a new practice.

If you choose to change the intensity, or how hard you work during a single exercise session, be sure to do so initially in small spurts, so you do not injure yourself. For example, pick up the pace during your jog, or increase your resistance by adding leg bands to your routine.

If you choose to change the time and expand the duration of your exercise, start by doing so during a single session. If you usually work out for an hour, add 15 minutes to start, so you not overdoing it.

If you choose to change the type of exercise you do, the possibilities are limitless. If you typically jog, try swimming. If you typically cycle, try jogging.

Following a regular exercise program will positively impact your health in numerous ways, and when you are faced with a fitness plateau, do not be discouraged. Simply make a change.

We can help.

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