It’s time to rediscover yourself. Regain confidence, strength and self-love after pregnancy with a program specifically designed for women. 

About The Program


Ignite your postpartum transformation with MomStrong – a holistic and personalized program tailored exclusively to you.

Rebuild your core, strengthen your pelvic floor and receive individualized support needed to reclaim your strength and embrace motherhood.

Join our empowering community, where you’ll find the guidance and understanding to overcome obstacles and unlock your full potential.




Complete the MomStrong application below. 


If you’re a good fit, you will hear back within a week that you’ve been accepted into the program. 


Once you receive the email that you have been accepted, make sure to fully register for the program. Register by 9/1 to save 25%!


Being a husband and father (of 3 children), I have deep empathy for what women experience PRE, MID, and POST pregnancy.

There is a large population of women who struggle with "finding themselves" post baby. Why wouldn't they? So much changes in such a relatively short period of time. Your life, post pregnancy, is drastically different from what it was prior to birth.

For as much as women band together for support, there is a gap in the health and wellness world when it comes to guidance for women post pregnancy. Often times, women feel guilty for finding time for themselves or feel shame around wanting to look good or feel good when that baby should come first.

I don't believe its an either/or situation. My belief is that with the right guidance, education, and structure, women can take control of their bodies. I am creating this campaign to help women, at any stage of life, regain the confidence, love, and strength that comes from feeling good in your body.


Say goodbye to one-size-fits-all routines and embrace a sustainable path forward that delivers long-lasting results. You deserve to feel good.


This program is for postnatal moms who are cleared from their doctors to begin working out again. Since this program is totally customized to you – it doesn’t matter your fitness level or experience. 

Again, since this is a totally customized program to you, it works with whatever you have access to. Whether you have access to a full gym or have minimal equipment at home, I will create a program based on what you have available. 

You can expect workouts to range from 45 min to an hour.

You will feel stronger – mentally and physically. Of course, results will vary person to person, but you can expect weight loss, composition changes and fat loss.

This 12 week program costs $2,000.

As part of this program, you will have 3 different options for payment: 

  1. Pay $2,000 up front
  2. Pay $1,000 up front and $1,000 halfway though
  3. Pay $2,000 after the program

FYI, if you sign up by August 1 you’ll save 25%.

In order to provide individualized attention to all of my clients, I can’t accept everyone into this program. I will be accepting individuals on a first-come-first-serve basis. 

I am looking for women who are really looking to commit to their health, wellness and nutrition for the next 12 weeks. This program is all-encompassing and won’t be for everyone, so I am requiring an application so that I can choose the women who I believe are going to be the most committed to this program.

I will be going through applications quickly, so will hear back 7 days or less (likely less). Your best bet is to apply right away!

No, this is an additional program to the app. As an app member, you will have to follow the same process as everyone else – first you will need to apply and if you are a good fit and accepted into the program, you will need to purchase your spot.