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How to Get Started on the TWD App

So you took the plunge and downloaded the TWD app – welcome! I’m so happy you’re here and a part of this amazing community.

It’s so important to me that all of my clients feel supported – no matter if they’re training with me in LA or virtual via the TWD app. For my TWD app members, I’ve created step-by-step instructions for how you can get started on the app.

Check them out below!

Follow a Program

All of my programs are designed to build lean muscle and reduce body fat. Depending on your fitness level, I recommend starting with one of the three programs listed below.   

Beginner? Start with the TWD Fundamentals Program. 

Intermediate? Start with the Three with TWD Program. 

Advanced? Start with the Beach Ready Program. 

You can find my programs under the “Collections” tab in my app. When you click into a program, make sure to start by pressing “Learn More.” Within this section, you will find important information, like program goals, how to get the best outcome, how to schedule the program into a week, what you need to participate and additional program FAQs.

Add 20 Minutes of Cardio Daily

I always recommend my clients add in 20 mins of cardio on top of my workouts. Cardio can be anything from running, biking, swimming, or even walking – anything that gets your heart rate up for a prolonged period of time.  I’m an advocate for getting in cardio after my workouts, that way your body isn’t starting our workouts fatigued. If you don’t have time immediately following a workout to add 20 minutes of cardio, it’s totally fine to do this during a different time of day. 

Fuel Your Body

Supplement your fitness routine with a meal plan for full-body health. Get a breakdown of calories, portions, healthy foods, and more in my Nutrition Guide. Plus, find all sorts of healthy recipes in the TWD Kitchen collection.

Join the TWD Community

Follow me on Instagram @trainwithdanny and join the TWD community on Facebook. Our private, members-only Facebook group is a great way to connect with other members, ask questions, share advice, and more! 

Contact our Los Angeles Personal Trainer or sign up for our fitness plan on the app for just $1 for the first 30 days!


Message me directly in the app or email and I’ll make sure to get back to you!

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