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Boosting Your Mental Health with Exercise

Our Los Angeles personal trainer at Train With Danny knows how difficult it can be to stay mentally fit 24/7, as life’s day-to-day concerns take their toll on our emotional and psychological well-being.

No matter who you are, work, school, home, and even social activities can become stressful — even overwhelming at times — and are difficult to just shake off without any real resolution.

When the psyche and/or emotions are in overdrive, there are many ways to turn that anxiety into positive energy, and exercise is one of them.

The physical benefits of exercise are well known. However, research points to a growing list of physiological, neurological, and psychological benefits that can help us deal with all the small and large things life throws at us, so we can keep moving forward with confidence.

Here are several ways to positively impact your mood, stress response signals, and overall mental health using exercise as a resource.

Boost Your Feel-Good Hormones and Neurotransmitters

Serotonin and dopamine production in the brain positively impacts how you feel, think, and act.

Vigorous exercise creates endorphins that can protect your brain from the negative impacts of stress while improving your mood and sense of well-being.

Boost Your Self-esteem

Regular exercise is associated with improved self-esteem by first providing a positive outlook, which is supported by physical competence and improved body perception that can leave us feeling more adept and confident.

Make Exercise a Choice, Not a Chore

Creating a fun and engaging exercise environment makes us want to exercise, instead of feeling as though we have to exercise.

This can be accomplished by using a few easy to adopt strategies, including:

  • Make exercise social.

Take a Pilates or Yoga class with friends or run with a group of people you enjoy. When exercising is fun, it becomes something you look forward to and keep doing.

  • Find exercise options you enjoy.

People are more likely to stick with anything they enjoy, including exercise. Whether it is kickboxing or running, Zumba or private training, if you like it, you are going to keep going.

  • Feel the physical, emotional, and psychological differences.

Highlight how exercise makes you feel both while you are working out and once you are finished. Typically, one good decision — like going for a run or taking a class you enjoy — leads to others, including eating healthier foods and consuming more water to stay hydrated. All these combined can really change your outlook for the better.

As a bonus, you may lose a few pounds, get stronger, and increase your endurance.

Curate Your Exercise Routine from Anywhere with Train With Danny

If you would like to get started with a lifestyle boosting exercise routine from home, school, or even work, Train with Danny offers a wide range of live classes you can plan your workouts around, along with on-demand workouts that allow you to take charge of when and where you work out, so you can maintain control of your environment.

If you are seeking a more determined approach to achieving overall wellness solutions, contact us today to learn more about the transformative benefits of partnering with a personal trainer in Los Angeles County.